• Bob Drake

    Bob Drake

    // Zweig Group

    Bob Drake is the editor-in-chief for Civil + Structural Engineer magazine, Civil + Structural Engineer eNews, and cenews.com. He has a master’s degree in geology from the University of Michigan with emphasis in environmental geology and geotechnical engineering and worked as a geologist in the environmental/geotechnical consulting field and in oil and gas exploration. For the last 29 years, he has been an editor for business magazines serving the mining, construction materials, and civil and structural engineering industries.

  • Gene Roe

    Gene Roe

    // The Future of the Built Environment

    Gene V. Roe has spent his entire career in AEC and the Built Environment. He is a professional engineer, land surveyor and he holds a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering. Roe built a 50 person survey engineering firm, and in the early 1980’s founded the first GIS consulting group in New England. In the early 1990’s he shifted into the software development business where he focused on CAD/GIS integration and innovation, while helping to build successful start ups like Softdesk and Blue Marble Geographics.

    More recently Roe has been involved with 3D laser scanning, where he led the initial effort at Autodesk to integrate this technology into their graphics’ engines. Over the past seven years he has built the LiDAR News brand into one of the world’s most well respected 3D geospatial media platforms.

    Throughout his career Roe has been a catalyst for the use of innovative digital technologies and the associated organizational change required to implement them. He recently founded the Future of the Built Environment blog where he advocates for a sustainable, lifecycle asset management approach to improving the Built Environment.

  • Geoff Zeiss, Ph.D

    Geoff Zeiss, Ph.D

    // Between the Poles Consulting

    Geoff Zeiss has more than 25 years’ experience in the infrastructure software industry working with utilities, communications, and public works in enterprise IT around the world. For the past 10 years Geoff has been involved in thought leadership in the buildings and energy sectors. Geoff's interests include convergence of engineering design, geospatial and 3D; intelligent cities,; electric utilities and energy efficient buildings; productivity, knowledge transfer and the aging workforce; and optimizing utility business processes and information flows for the smart grid. Geoff is currently on the Board of the Open Geospatial Consortium, an international geospatial standards body. In his early career, he was directly involved in some of the largest successful implementations of location-aware integrated design and records management enterprise software systems in the utility and telecommunications sectors.

  • Justin Lokitz

    Justin Lokitz

    // Business Models, Inc.

    Justin is an experienced strategy consultant and business designer who is responsible for the Business Models Inc. office in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, CA USA. He supports organizations by getting teams to think broadly and expansively about their own strategies and business models. Using his power to connect-the-dots, Justin has an impressive ability to get organizations thinking like start-ups and industry disrupters. What’s more through his expert facilitation skills, Justin has a proven track record of guiding organizations to ‘ah-ha’ moments.

    With 15+ years of experience of managing products and business model strategies for large, multi-national corporations, like Autodesk and Oracle, as well as small start-ups, Justin leverages his experience across a wide range of industry sectors to help large companies think, innovate and design more like start-ups, while helping start-ups find sustainable business models. Whether he is helping teams innovate, scale new products, or create sustainable strategies for the future, Justin does so by making strategy design an engaging experience. Justin holds a BA in Environmental Science and Geography, from University of California Santa Barbara, a MBA in Design Strategy, from California College of the Arts, as well as professional certifications in software development and product management, from University of California Berkeley.

  • Matt Ball

    Matt Ball

    // V1 Media

    Matt Ball is founder and editor at V1 Media, publishers of Sensors & Systems, Informed Infrastructure, and Asian Surveying & Mapping. Sensors & Systems is a recent re-branding of V1 Magazine to discuss new and existing frameworks of instrumented and interconnected networks and decision support tools to monitor and adapt to global change. Informed Infrastructure covers the connection of design tools to analytics, with today’s ability to combine sensor inputs, simulation, and modeling to tune infrastructure design and inform ongoing maintenance. Prior to this role, Matt was editor-in-chief of GeoWorld magazine for seven years, and also managed all aspects of the GeoTec Event, Canada’s largest geospatial industry event. Matt is located in Denver, Colorado.